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A story

The first section of my story, the 2nd go around (or 2nd book.. haven't decided yet).

There was something familiar about her. Was it her face? Was it her hair? No, it was neither of these. There was a song in her voice when she spoke, and that's when I realized what was familiar. There was a girl at my high school that had a very similar voice. I had moved around since, but I had returned to the town that I graduated from in order to pursue further studies. Maybe they were related?
She smiled as she placed the items she had selected onto the counter between her and I. I worked as a cashier in the gift shop at a local historical park. I rang the items up in the register, and tendered the transaction. She had green eyes that showed joy. She also smelled of apples and roses. She gathered her items, and headed out. I excused myself from the register, and went into the bathroom.
There was no mistaking it, that woman was a Siren.


Oct. 14th, 2012

Five to six years after I initially wanted to, I finally applied to (another) university to work on a 2nd bachelor's degree, and go from there...

I decided the 2nd was likely the best, anyway, as my GPA from my first isn't above a 3.0 (and you need that to get into Grad programs)..

Now then, between now and just under a year from now, I get to figure out how I'm going to balance class(es) (I'll prob only take one a semester) and work, have energy, and have money to pay for this. I have a feeling the last thing I won't have to worry about too much.... :\

Also, after looking and considering... I believe going for a BA in Art History with a minor in Studio Art will get me what I want... research, knowledge, and ability.. It'd be nice to be able to have decent rendering skills... lol.. I think I mainly fell out of practice, though.. and right now not having somewhere I can actually draw isn't helping.. LOL

Though I would like to try to take a photog class or two... lol.. We'll see, though.

Oct. 4th, 2012

A couple things that I've encountered recently that annoy me:

1. Person A posts something to FB. Person D responds with clarifications and the correct information. Person B, C, and E-Z all like what A says, without seeing what D has said. RTFC, people... Read the Freaking Comments. It's not like there are 200 of them (there were 10). Person A has since deleted the post.

2. I posted about the Kofinna Kottr sword. Got no responses. Prince/King posts about sword, tons of responses. *blinks* I've since posted my warrior with the sword, and have gotten a few responses.

People suck. LOL... I need to be Queen someday so people will read what I'm saying, apparently. LOL.... :\ I wish I were kidding. *blinks*
Haven't posted in a while... lol... :\

I'm doing PT for my shoulder... it's gotten worse (again) since I got the injection, and it's too soon for another one... so we're trying to prevent surgery.... Fun fun...

I'm hoping this doesn't keep me from changing my health insurance to a less expensive one... Paying out of pocket for everything and insurance not covering much is hurting... (example: pap smears.. I have had 2 this year so far, and will have another by the end of the year. I pay $50 at the docs, then I think it was $300+ total charges I had to pay. New plan I'm trying to get to, all I pay is the copay.)

Needless to say, deciding whether to pay medical bills or utility bills and buy groceries should never happen, but it has.. and it sucks.

I've actually held off on paying the health insurance premium this month so I could pay half my phone bill and my internet bill.


When I started on the ins plan I'm on, it was $169/month (in 2006).. it's presently $293/month.



I better get changed and head out to PT....
I'm pretty sure I'm reading this correctly, even if it is 5am...

" She said this is the third time fire has broke out in downtown Cordova since the April 2011 tornadoes buildings heavily damaged the area."


Grammar check that.. yeahhhhhh....
I posted this on Twitter and my SCA Facebook page.. but I can put more here.. lol

While I was playing the WoW MOP Beta, someone linked in general chat a sword, and was commenting on the model (that it's a reused model).. I didn't care, what caught my eye was the name.

Greatsword of Kofinna Kottr ( http://mop.wowhead.com/item=90388 )


I will be getting this on at least one toon... I have enough classes that I can run all my melee classes through to get it. It helps that it's from the starter area in MOP, the first place you get to in Pandaria.

I know, I'm not posting much...

Most of what I'm posting on my SCA facebook account is.. "OW! Hurt my shoulder AGAIN at work." "Tired." and "*sigh*"

Work's got me busy now... and it's retail, so it's not desk work.. I'm on my feet all day, walking around a ~30K sq ft store... etc etc...

So I work, come home, eat, sleep, eat again, go to work... Not very much else going on.

Speaking of my shoulder.. yesterday I managed to get it hurting again. I'm NOT happy. What did I do all day? Worked cash register and put out candy on the queuing line.... *sigh* At least the shot was good for.. a day.

I know today's going to mess it up even more.. today I'm stocking.

It's a stupid repetitive motion injury... and I do that motion in everything.. cash register, cutting counter, stocking, setting plan-o-grams...

I'm tempted to take an ibuprofen... I'm not supposed to, supposedly, with the meds I'm on now (it just diminishes the effectiveness of one of the pills).. but.. My shoulder's a LITTLE better than it was yesterday... :S


Why must my shoulder do this to me? Why?

At least I have tomorrow off... and Weds I get to work in framing, so I'll likely mess it up again. *grumble*


Yeah.... if I tried this? Hah.

"Rotate your job tasks throughout your work day to avoid repetitive motion injuries. Change your working, standing, and seated positions throughout the day by using anti-fatigue floor mats and footstools to prevent staying in the same position all day (static postures). Pad sharp or hard work surfaces to prevent contact stress to your wrists, arms, and elbows. Take 30 second micro-breaks every 20-30 minutes of work time to give your body a rest and change positions. "

I will try stretching a little this morning.. can't do much, that's for sure..
There's a point where something within females clicks for family.... I think mine finally did.


It's weird, just saying. LOL...

Not the "OMG I NEED A KID!" thing.. Not anything similar to that.. but to the point of "I could see myself having a family now." And it has nothing.. NOTHING.. to do with mid-life crisis... I think I had that a few years ago... lol... Of course, it has nothing to do with job stability or financial means or anything like that.. it's just some weird switch that flipped.

I think part of it comes from a set of friends that just adopted a child. I know for a fact I can't do that, and will be unable to do anything similar for years, if I even wanted to.

Some mysterious switch.... :\
Applied for a job posting on Friday.. it's been pulled from the 'net.. gotta love my timing on things. Boo. Oh well. I was having issues trying to figure out how I'd work out the two jobs anyway.. lol